• A Photograph By: Dan Wilton
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  • Having grown up on the "foothills of gorgeous Croydon, dreaming of being the next David Bellamy”, photographer Dan Wilton has now made a name for himself. With a style that can be adapted to any situation, from vibrant studio close-ups of American chocolate bars to menswear lookbooks for London streetwear brand Lazy Oaf, Wilton has become highly sought-after by brands across the globe. As part of our Neighbourhood London, we asked Dan to pick one of his favourite shots from London to talk to us about.

    Hey Dan, so whereabouts was this shot? The light makes it look like California.

    [Laughs] I wish. That'd be Victoria Park skate park.

    Ah, my local! Who's the kid?

    That's Anaiah from The Bots. He's Californian at least.

    How did you meet those guys?

    I met them a couple of years back, did an editorial shoot with them. I’d been on the hunt for a young band to collaborate with and they just suddenly popped up. It was right before the Olympics and I was in between houses. I was planning to rent one out to Olympic tourists, but The Bots needed a place to stay so ended up putting them up. I then went on tour around Europe with them and made a little photography zine called STOB EHT.

    They look super fun to hang out with and shoot. The series has a cool relaxed feel to it. Are you consciously inspired by that Californian aesthetic or lifestyle?

    Ummm, not consciously no. Point Break's my favourite film though so maybe I’m channeling it deep inside me.

    [Laughs] I’ve never actually seen it. I’m so uncultured!

    WHAT. WOW.

    Or Back to the Future… Never seen that. I have some catching up to do.


    Do you skate?

    No, I used to surf a lot.

    Did that influence your work? Maybe that brings everything back to that Californian aesthetic.

    Not really, no, whenever I used to surf I was too busy surfing to worry about taking photos! I got into photography through taking photos of my friends’ bands really. Saying that though, I’m heading over to Japan in October or November. I’m planning to do a little photography project on the Japanese surf scene, or at least get in the water.

    Do you prefer to see your photographs printed in zines etc rather than just leave them online?

    Hell yeah. I mean, online is great as so many more people see it, but print is what it's all about.

    It forces people to look at the series as a whole. Looking through them all in a linear format.

    Exactly. It gives them context.

    Will the Japan shots be printed up?

    I dunno really, it's early days. It's more of a rough idea in my head, depends on how much time I have to play with while I’m out there. I’m shooting with RBMA most of the time i'm there, but I’m keen to fit in some personal projects in my spare time. The series I actually need to finish is my Green Bay project. Hopefully I’m heading out there in December. I am a MASSIVE Green Bay fan.

    I know absolutely zero about Green Bay. What's the lure?

    It’s a weird-ass redneck town in the middle of nowhere. The population is about 100,000 but it has a stadium that holds 75,000 people and they sell out every game. They’re the ultimate underdog! Fans are called Cheeseheads ‘cos they wear wedges of cheese on their heads. Wisconsin is the dairy state… The last time I was there it was minus 19 outside. The stadium is outside too. So bonkers.

    Those are some really committed fans! That’s crazy. There must be such a sense of community there.

    Yeah, it's a seriously weird place, but I love it.

    Well, I look forward to picking up a zine if you print one.

    Nah, it’s coffee table book time. Think BIG.

    Ah yeah, I can see that. Definitely hardback book material. Good luck!

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