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  • Georgia Barnes’ electronic-pop-making career as GEoRGiA may have only just begun, but the multi-instrumentalist West Londoner is being touted for big things. The whole of her debut EP, Come In, was written, recorded and performed solely by herself, receiving rave reviews from everyone it reached. Her first ever live solo shows are approaching but, with her laudable hard-working attitude and experience gained drumming for the likes of Kwes, Kate Tempest and JUCE, they’re sure to be a triumph. We had a chat with the 24-year-old to see how it’s all been going.

    You’ve just released your debut EP, how’s the whole process been?

    It’s been exciting. From being in a studio, creating and not knowing what you want to do with it, to then suddenly have people liking it and wanting to put it out. The whole process has been really eye-opening and one that I want to continue doing. I’ve just really enjoyed it.

    Where did you record it?

    I recorded it in a studio in my house and in my bedroom. Most of my creativity comes at night actually, but I do try and maintain a sort of work discipline. So I’ll get up at 9am, get into the studio and work until I get stuff done. Sometimes it works really well, but other times I’m pushing on low energy and it can be like “Where am I going?” “What am I doing?” You just have to push on through like any job I suppose.

    That’s the attitude to have. If you want to do something, and do it good, you’ve got to work hard at it!

    Yeah! I enjoy it. I even enjoy the bits where you struggle. I love the lyrics of a friend of mine who I play drums for, Kate Tempest: “We’re happiest when we’re struggling.” I think it’s very true actually, sometimes when you’re creating it can be a real struggle, but I do enjoy those moments.

    Have you been writing and recording music for a while without releasing anything?

    There’s quite a bit of material I haven’t released that’s hopefully gonna make it on an album or my next single. I’ve been writing songs since I was quite young; really young actually. When I was about 11 or 12. My first song was called “Holiday” and it basically just went “Holi-holi-day, holi-holi-day, sing-ing in the sun.”

    Sounds cool, I think you got yourself a hit!

    Catchy hook line right? [Laughs]

    Did you approach Cherish [of JUCE and Kaya Kaya Records] to release your stuff, or did she hear about you making music and snap you up for the EP release?

    She approached me to play drums in JUCE, and asked me “do you make your own music?” and I was like “yeah I do, I’m in the process of it.” She asked if she could hear it and I was like “no, it’s still a work in progress.” Basically she kept bugging me and finally I plucked up the courage to send her a couple of songs. She was so excited by it. Then Katy [Kaya Kaya Records] got on board, came around to the studio and was really encouraging, they both were very encouraging. At first I only wanted to release one song, but Katy and Cherish thought it would be a good idea to release an EP with the four songs. I’m really grateful to have them, they’ve really pushed me to do it. I guess there was something inside of me that was looking for someone to encourage what I was doing, because it’s hard doing it all yourself.

    Did you find taking that first step to share your songs difficult?

    Yeah, my god! I hadn’t played my songs to anyone. The only person who had heard bits was my Dad, because my Dad has been a very big part of my life musically. He’s always been really encouraging and had told me to play it to people. When I first sent stuff off to Cherish and had Katy come round it was really nerve-racking, like I was sweating.

    I guess things couldn’t have gone any better right?!

    Yeah I know right! [Laughs]

    How’s your live show coming together, what instrument will you be playing?

    There’ll be some surprise things, drumming and singing, but I’m trying to keep it really simple at the moment. It’s been really hard because I play it all myself on the record, it’s difficult figuring out who’s playing what and what’s going where. It’s electronic music, so it’s hard to play it right live and I really want to make the live show an integral part of GEoRGiA. It’s been a process, my first couple of shows are going to be really important. Hopefully they’ll go well. The band are great, I’ve found a really cool band and they want it to sound good too.

    You must have already played to some pretty big crowds drumming for other artists?

    Yeah with Kwes at Latitude there was a lot, like a lot, of people. In Iceland too, that was insane. I think that was a big moment for Kwes. I’ve had some pretty shit crowds as well, when it’s been like, “yeaahhh, three people!”

    Are you really nervous about your solo shows then?

    Yeah! [Laughs] Hopefully it’ll be good, but you never know do you.

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